8 home decor trends for 2022

They’ve remained the same for at least a decade. The nation has been welded to cool industrial interiors and chilly minimalist hotel room-like spaces for ages. But since the pandemic, everything has changed. Now there’s a fresh new set of interior decor trends to enjoy, and they’ll set your imagination free. Let’s take a good look at trending home decor 2022, including home decor colour trends 2022. There’s a  wonderful world full of imagination and creativity waiting for you. Here’s how to make it happen at your place. If you don’t have a place of your own, we can help you with that as well!

DIY and upcycling

One of the hottest decorating trends 2022 has revealed so far is DIY and upcycling. The nation is recycling, repurposing and upcycling everything from clothes to furniture, and we’re making a fabulous job of it. The battle to slow climate change sits at the centre of the trend. And we’ve all become so much more aware of the value of looking after the things we buy, making them last longer, changing the way we use them, and cutting back on waste.

Take a tour of your home. What can you upcycle? You might give an old wardrobe a coat of fresh pastel colour paint to warm things up and give it a new lease of life. If it’s painted with gloss, redo it with fashionable matt finish paint. Learn how to re-cover your dining chairs. Dye your cushion covers, or buy scraps of vintage and retro fabric to make an incredibly trendy set of patchwork cushion covers. There’s guidance online about how to DIY absolutely everything, so dive right in.

Sustainably sourced

Popular decorating trends 2022 come with a strong sustainable element. Sustainably sourced interior decor also takes us right to the heart of the deep need to conserve our natural world. Buying wooden furniture from a sustainable source means it comes with good environmental credentials, grown especially for harvest in a way that doesn’t harm the surroundings. Some furnishing fabrics are sustainable, others aren’t.

Bamboo is being used as a wood alternative that lasts and lasts, beautiful and rugged as well as totally sustainable. You cut it down, it grows right back in no time. Rattan, hemp and cork are also unusually sustainable. Pineapple leather is just one of many innovative new faux leathers changing our world. Recycled Polyester, recycled saris, soy cashmere, they’re all on-trend.

Multifunctional rooms

Some trends for home decor 2022 are born out of a need to be practical. Modern new build homes are getting ever-smaller. Plenty of us live in flats, studios and other places where we need to make every room count, which is why multifunctional rooms are big right now. It kicked off with coved. Before the pandemic, a few of us worked from home. Now it’s normal. Plenty of us are working from home permanently, and that means it’s vital to create spaces suitable for work as well as play and relaxation.

So how do you make a multi-functional space? Zoning is the way to go. The idea is, you split up a room to make it clear which area is for what purpose. Say you work from home. You’ll want to create a comfortable, practical area to work in, maybe in your living room or bedroom. Think about using decorative wooden or fabric screens, new or old, to divide the space up. Rugs are a really simple way to denote where you work and where you chill. Create a separate working area with a row of potted house plants, a wall hanging, a tapestry, even a huge canvas.    

High tech homes

High tech homes are the name of the game in a word where we’re battling global warming. Tech is also vital for effective home-working, connecting people with their businesses and workplaces and enabling remote working. At the same time the Internet of Things or IoT is gradually happening, connecting gadgets to each other to make life easier – and cheaper. Smart electric metres are a big deal, for example, revealing exactly how much we spend on power.  Ground source heat pumps are an environmentally friendly alternative to a gas or electric boiler.

If you live in a modern building, you might be lucky enough to have the tech you need built in. If not, you can apply for a free smart metre via your power supplier. You might be able to arrange for fibre to the premises at your place for super-fast connectivity. Acoustic ceilings cut out noise, making spending time at home more of a pleasure. It’s so popular that high tech interior design has become a trend all of its own, majoring on shapes rather than colours, metal, plastics and every type of modern tech you can imagine. 

Traditional styling

Traditional styling is another of the big home decor colour trends 2022. It whisks us back to a kinder time, when we felt safer in the world, didn’t have a climate change fight on our hands, weren’t threatened by soaring energy bills and menaced by viruses. The resulting interior style is wonderfully comforting and calming. Think about nurturing your inner self with a big, squashy flower print sofa, wool wall-to-wall carpets, pelmets and fancy curtains. Comforting brown wood, vases of flowers, old silverware and crockery, oil paintings, and old-school lighting. Chintz and voile. Imagine 18th and 19th century European interiors and you get the picture.  

Trawl your local second hand shops and vintage emporiums for lovely old pieces to renovate. Take a look online for timeless, placeless inspiration. Nothing fancy, just a style that’s rooted in the past without being too specific. A traditional design bedroom, for example, could include a calm, pale colour scheme, carved or upholstered chairs and headboard, bedside tables with matching lamps, an ottoman, and old paintings on the walls.

Natural elements

Basing interiors on natural elements makes spending time indoors a pleasure. Because we’ve had our eyes well and truly opened to the value of precious natural things and places, partly because of the climate change threat and partly thanks to being stuck indoors during lockdowns. Including natural elements like wood, stone and organic textiles makes your interior feel calm and timeless.

Whit, grey and stone colours are the way to go. Taupe, tan and camel are all on-trend colours. Neutral nature-inspired wall coverings and rugs keep things cosy and wood, stone and textured fabrics add interest and cosiness. Think hemp, wool and jut, linen and unstained wood.

Wooden furniture

The trend for wooden furniture is taking the nation by storm. It has been a long time coming. Natural wood finishes means not painted, not stained, and no engineered timber like MDF. And it’s goodbye to pale, shiny woods, hello to rustic dark wood. Nature is back, and it’s hot, hot, hot.

Modern real wood furniture can be expensive, but it’s worth the investment and will last ages. Old wooden furniture can be as cheap as chips as well as beautifully carved, really well made, solid, and heavy.

Lasting style

The trend for lasting style involves buying good quality, classic pieces that will keep your place comfortable and stylish for years to come, not just a couple of seasons. It’s about sustainability, cutting back on waste, spending less, and therefore helping protect the natural environment. Some say we reached ‘peak stuff’ recently. The trend taps into  a desire to have a smaller impact on our planet.

Buy for the future, not just for now. Buy with the climate in mind, the environment, our fellow creatures and future generations. Buy the best quality you can afford and prepare to keep it for years, even decades. Reject consumerism in favour of careful choices made with love and care.

Which decorating trends 2022 will you fall in love with?

There’s something for everyone, whether you like your interiors plain or decorative, natural or rich in tech, vivid and exciting or cool, calm and quiet. Which of the wonderful Home decor trends in 2022 are you inspired by?