Advantages of Renting in a Modern Apartment Building

So you’re thinking about living in a modern apartment building? Good move! Modern apartment buildings, London and beyond, come with all sorts of cool advantages over older places.  Modern apartments are usually built with energy efficiency in mind. Modern apartments for rent come with insulation, energy-efficient heating systems and cooling systems, and are purpose built, not originating as a house then carved up into odd-shaped, sometimes inconveniently laid out flats.  

Modern luxury apartments are the ultimate in luxury, with every contemporary convenience built in and no need for awkward, potentially expensive retro-fitting. A modern studio apartment comes with the appropriate level of sound proofing between flats. There’s so much more. Read on to discover why modern apartment decor, modern apartment design and everything else to do with a modern home is a great idea.

Modern Apartment Building Architecture and Design

The UK is bursting at the seams, hence the housing crisis governments have been trying to tackle for decades. Space is at a premium these days, and high population densities are making it increasingly necessary for people to choose apartments and flats over semi detached, terraced and detached houses. In some places beautiful modern apartments are replacing older style homes.

There’s some fantastic modern apartment architecture around. Take the Colville Estate in Hackney, made up of two stunning hexagonal towers surrounded by green spaces and trees. One block is 16 storeys high and made from red brick, the other reaches 20 storeys, made from a grey brick. Together they provide 900 efficient, bright, comfy contemporary homes, replacing 435 or so old homes that weren’t fit for purpose.

 It isn’t the only one. London is a brilliant city for attractive, innovative modern luxury apartments stacked with the latest tech, innovations, and home comforts, while future-proofed against a changing climate. London is rich in sleek designs featuring lots of metal, concrete and glass as well as new materials designed to keep heat in, or reflect it away to stay cool in soaring summer city temperatures.

 Varied apartment designs rather than cookie-cutter buildings cater for people’s different needs and tastes, and many developments have an ‘affordable’ component, blending affordable apartments with luxury homes  for a realistic and enjoyable social mix.

 The innovative use of materials, space-saving magic, impressive outdoor living spaces, terraces and balconies to provide essential fresh air and sunshine. All this and more is on the cards for modern apartments for rent.

 Next, let’s take a detailed look at the advantages and benefits of renting apartments in modern apartment blocks.

Low Maintenance

It’s brand new, shiny and perfect… so you won’t be faced with high maintenance bills. In a world where energy prices are rocketing it’s important to keep your costs down. A modern flat helps you do that, reducing your outlay on maintenance and repairs. In an apartment there’s no garden to dedicate yourself to and no roof to blow off. You don’t have guttering or soffits. In fact if you’re renting a new apartment you’re not responsible for maintenance, it’s usually down to the landlord, so that’s another weight off your mind. It’s also good for landlords, who invest in a property that is naturally low-maintenance compared to many old buildings. Add the fact that modern apartment buildings are built to high standards, with associated high quality build materials, and the maintenance requirements drop even further.

High Security

Security in London matters. Depending on the area you might face a much higher risk of burglary, for example, but modern places to live have good security built in. When you want to stay safe from parcel theft, bicycle theft, burglary and more, things like access control systems, door staff, security gates, CCTV Surveillance, Smart Locks and lift access control make a huge difference to your security. And, of course, being in a block naturally boosts security thanks to the community aspects of living there.

Safety Features

How many safety features do you get in a converted flat in an old house? Not so many as you get with a modern place. New apartment buildings must comply with up to date fire safety standards. They have excellent exterior and interior lighting, to light communal areas, stairwells, entrances and so on. Everything fully complies with today’s strict electrical safety standards. Many are fitted with fire and CO alarms plus more safety features like handrails, fire escapes, fire muster points, fire extinguishers and more.

Car Parking

Car parking in London? It’s gold dust. Modern apartment buildings often provide parking space for residents, a big contrast with the parking congestion you get in an ordinary road of houses that have been converted to flats. Rather than spend hours driving around trying to find a space every time you use the car you zip into your own apartment’s dedicated parking space or car park and save large amounts of petrol, time, hassle and stress.

Community Amenities

It’s lovely being part of a community. It’s life enhancing. Being part of a community in a modern apartment block gives you all sorts of external support you’d never have otherwise. You might find a place offering beautiful communal outdoor spaces for everyone to enjoy, including safe places for children of every age to play. Maybe there are communal sports, gym or swimming pool facilities. Easy access to all this can make life so much more pleasurable, especially when experienced with friendly neighbours.


Renting is a more affordable way to get a home with the excellent facilities we’ve described. It’s also less stressful than buying, freeing you from the trauma of broken chains, sellers dropping out, being gazumped, endless delays and the rest. It’s also a lot less costly. There’s no massive deposit to save up, no solicitor fees, no Stamp Duty and so on. Which means renting might be the best way to save up and eventually buy.

Energy Efficiency

The massive increases in energy costs we’re seeing are part of the scenery, more or less inevitable because of the way the UK’s energy system is organised. Modern apartment buildings are built to high energy efficiency standards, covering essentials like insulation, windows and appliances to minimise your bills.

 Spotless decor and proper design

How about modern apartment decor? A modern studio apartment is a spotless place, usually with neutral decor that you can make your own. Modern apartment interior design is so much more welcoming and homely than an old place with terrible wallpaper and tatty paintwork, somewhere dated and depressing. Then there’s modern apartment design, where the space is laid out in an intelligent way rather than carving up an old house into a load of strange-shaped, often uncomfortable apartments.

Modern Technologies

It’s great to know you’ll have the connectivity you need to live a contemporary lifestyle. A new build flat often provides Wifi and home entertainment, security and alarms, energy efficiency, LED lighting and more to allow residents to plug in and enjoy the ride. It’s also good to know that today’s low energy consumption technologies cost less to run as well as less likely to fail any time soon.

Where will you move to?

Are you inspired? If you’re researching renting in modern apartment buildings, you can see how many advantages you’ll be able to tap into. Now all you need to do is find the perfect home. We can help you with that, with a great choice of regular and luxury modern apartments, London and beyond.