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14 Mar 2023
Managing Rental Properties: Letting Agent Vs Self-Management

So, you see yourself as a property manager, managing a portfolio of rental properties? It’s an excellent way to make a good living but at the same time there’s a lot to it, and it’s possible to make some awful mistakes. This article delves deep into the detail to help people like you research managing […]

14 Mar 2023
What are Property Service Charges?

It’s exciting buying a flat or apartment. It’s also a common sense thing. As a wise buyer, you’ll want to get the right ducks in a row before making the big decision, and that’ll include knowing the answer to the question of what are service charges. Understanding flat service charges is just one of the […]

14 Mar 2023
10 Best Areas to Rent in London 

You’re renting in the capital, and you want to make a great decision about which borough to live in. If you’re researching the best areas to rent in London, this is for you. We’ll take you on a lightning tour of ten areas in London – including a couple outside the capital – that tick […]

10 Feb 2023
How to Become a Landlord

It’s a great way to make a living, providing people with a place to live and making a nice profit while you’re at it. Are you considering letting a property, and if so do you know everything you need to know about how to become a landlord? Read on to find out the ins and […]

10 Feb 2023
How to Sell Your House

You know how to buy a house. Now you’re thinking about moving on and you want to know how to sell your house. Because the process of selling a home is just as complex as the buying side of home ownership, it’s good to be prepared and know what to expect. If you’re about to […]

10 Feb 2023
7 Ways to Invest in Property With No Money

If you’re short on resources but keen to buy to invest, you’ll want to know how to invest in property with no money. Is there such a thing as no money down property investing? Is it possible to buy an investment property in your situation? As it turns out, there’s plenty of ways to invest […]

10 Jan 2023
Stamp Duty for Buy to Let - Everything you need to know

Buy to let opens up a whole new world to property investors, and it’s an exciting prospect. It makes sense to know exactly how much the buying process will cost you, so you can factor all the potential expenses into your business plan. If you’re exploring the thorny subject of stamp duty for buy to […]

09 Jan 2023
How to Release Equity from Your Home?

Congratulations! The value of your home has gone up over the years you’ve been there, and you’d like to release the equity. The property is yours – and so are the profits you make simply by owning it and looking after it. If you’re researching how to release equity from a house, this guide is […]

09 Jan 2023
What is Home Equity?

Property is expensive to buy. But there’s an upside to the cost of it all, and it’s called equity, one of the biggest advantages of home ownership. Do you know the details behind equity in a home? Whether you already own a place of your own or about to take the plunge, you’ll want to […]

21 Dec 2022
Complete Guide to Buy to Let

Complete Guide to Buy to Let   This could be the best move to make a good living into the future. People will always need homes. If you’re researching buy to let, this article’s for you. Whether you’re buying a place that’s ready to let or a property you’ll need to do some work on […]

20 Dec 2022
Buying a house when self-employed

Buying a house when self-employed   When you’re self-employed, buying a house is different. You’re your own financial boss, responsible for paying your own tax and keeping your own records. Instead of a fixed salary paid by an employer like clockwork, your income is maybe flexible, different each month. Lenders will ask you for specific […]

20 Dec 2022
Apartment or House - Which is right for you?

Apartment or House – Which is right for you?   You’re buying a home of your own. It’s an exciting process. But there are things to think about before you start looking, and one of your main questions you’ll be asking yourself is apartment vs house.  It’s an interesting choice, and a decision you’re going […]

22 Nov 2022
Best Places to Live in London for Families

Best places to live in London for Families   London is exciting, lively, and packed with interesting things to do and see and you want to move there. Are you researching the best places to live in London for families? If so, you’re in for a treat. Every area of the capital, from the north […]

18 Nov 2022
Guide to Remortgaging

Guide to remortgaging   Want to save thousands on mortgage repayments? Planning to renovate or extend? Has your fixed rate mortgage just changed over onto the standard rate, and you want to re-fix the repayments? Has your income gone up or down, leaving you keen to re-pay more or less a month? There are many […]

31 Oct 2022
How to keep under your house’s ceiling price

How to keep under your house’s ceiling price   Here’s a home renovation subject plenty of people haven’t heard of. You’re keen to get going renovating your home. You’re full of great ideas and the place is going to look spectacular when you’ve finished. But hang on – are you risking spending too much and […]

30 Sep 2022
How are house prices calculated?

You’re searching for a home, a place of your own, a roof over your head. You want a place where you can shut the door behind you and properly relax. You’re excited to get going. But one thing has you baffled. How are house prices calculated? And what factors have an impact on the prices […]

30 Sep 2022
What happens to house prices during inflation?

We’re heading into a period of dramatic inflation, and we don’t know how long it’s going to last. We’ve already seen UK mortgage interest rates going up, and they’ll probably go up more unless things change. Right now the cost of living is rising at the fastest rate for 40 years, with prices 9.9% higher […]

30 Sep 2022
Can you make an offer without a mortgage in principle?

Can you make an offer without a mortgage in principle?  This is one of the most exciting times of your life. You’re going to buy a home of your own, and you’re thrilled. But it’s a complicated process with a whole lot of essential boxes to tick, many of which won’t be familiar to you. […]

12 Aug 2022
How Long Does It Take to Release Mortgage Funds?

Even if you haven’t bought your own house, chances are you’ve heard friends and family members talking about the process. And one thing that most people can agree on is that it can take a long time. But in between all the solicitors, negotiations and eventual key collection, there are many queries that first-time buyers […]

12 Aug 2022
A guide to guarantors in the UK

If you’re looking to take out a mortgage, loan, or even rent a property for the first time, chances are you’ve seen the word ‘guarantor’ pop up on various estate agent and lenders’ websites. But what exactly is a guarantor? And why might you need one?  Today, we’re going to give you all the information […]

12 Aug 2022
How long do EPCs last?

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will affect all UK homeowners at some point. In certain cases, it is a legal requirement and it is possible to incur penalties if you fall on the wrong side of the law. We are going to take a closer look at what exactly EPCs are, how long do EPCs […]

12 Aug 2022
8 tips to get started with property investment

    Getting sound property investment advice is a must if your dream of becoming the next Stan Kroenke is going to come anywhere close to expectations. It’s an incredible opportunity to create both a career and wealth if done correctly. But this niche doesn’t come without its pitfalls.  Many have rushed in only to […]

25 Jul 2022
5 Benefits of buy to let property

Are you thinking about taking the plunge into buy to let property? It’s an exciting prospect, buying a place as a source of income, to generate capital growth, or even to help friends and family out. If you’re at the research stage, exploring the benefits of buy to let before making your decision, this article’s […]

25 Jul 2022
A guide to property investment

You’re looking to invest in something reliable and exciting with an excellent future and loads of potential? Think property investment. If you’re researching: what property investment is, this is your guide. We’ll take you on a whistle-stop tour of the ins and outs of investing in property, delving into how to do it, the different […]

25 Jul 2022
Living room design ideas and trends 2022

How’s your living room looking? Is it comfortable and stylish, a lovely place to enjoy life, or could it stand some TLC and creativity? We’ve seen the timely death of the long-lasting trend for hotel-style minimalist decor, now we’re into an entirely new interior design landscape where the name of the game is social responsibility, […]

25 Jul 2022
8 home decor trends for 2022

They’ve remained the same for at least a decade. The nation has been welded to cool industrial interiors and chilly minimalist hotel room-like spaces for ages. But since the pandemic, everything has changed. Now there’s a fresh new set of interior decor trends to enjoy, and they’ll set your imagination free. Let’s take a good […]

30 Jun 2022
How much is council tax in London?

Your rent or mortgage is one thing. It’s going to be a big expense. But so, potentially, is your council tax, since it’s calculated based on the value of the property you live in. Oddly, although London is one of the most expensive places to buy, with one of the highest costs of living in […]

30 Jun 2022
Living in Vauxhall and Nine Elms

So you’re moving to the capital. How exciting. London is a particularly vibrant city as well as one of the greenest, with more fresh open spaces to enjoy than almost any other capital. It’s packed with fun, the shopping is superb, and there’s every flavour of nightlife you can imagine. Plus all those amazing London […]

30 Jun 2022
East vs West London - Where to live

The capital is beckoning you. It’s a dream you’re keen to see come true. But which area of the city do you want to live in, east or west? East vs West London is an important question since the two areas are pretty different, each with its own attractions, facilities, venues, personality and feel. What […]

31 May 2022
Best and worst time to sell your house

Best (and Worst) Time to Sell Your Home   As a seller, you’ll be eager to get your house sale underway as soon as possible. But before you commit to listing your property on the market, it’s always advisable to consider the things that might affect the motivation of potential buyers at certain times of […]

31 May 2022
Being a guarantor for rent and mortgages

What Does Being a Guarantor Mean for Rent & Mortgages?   Not everybody has the perfect credentials to ensure that they can borrow sufficient funds to buy a house or take on a rental contract. The criteria can go against even the most responsible customers and sometimes a helping hand is needed. If this sounds […]

31 May 2022
Our guide to the best places to live in South London

Best Places to Live in South London   There’s no doubt that London is one of the most fascinating and lively places to live in the entire world. But how on earth do you choose a place to live in this giant, sprawling metropolis?  As with pretty much every city on the planet, you can […]

31 May 2022
Our Guide to the Best Places to Live in North London

London is one of the most exciting cities in the world, with people coming from all walks of life to populate its areas and call The Big Smoke their home.  But if you’ve decided it’s time to up sticks and join the ever-growing London populace, where should you move to? With 32 different boroughs, it […]

04 May 2022
Nice areas to live in London

Nice Areas to Live in London   Are you thinking of moving to the capital, maybe for the first time, or moving to a different area of London? If you’re searching for nice areas to live in London, we’re a reliable source of insight into the various areas of the city that people seem to […]

04 May 2022
North vs South London - Where to live

So you’re looking for a home of your own in the capital? North vs South London is a popular question. Your first job is to pin down the wider district, and the river Thames provides the perfect dividing line, and it’s a wise move to do plenty of research before you start booking actual viewings. […]

04 May 2022
Quick guide to renting when self-employed

It’s great being self-employed, with all the flexibility and freedoms that working for yourself brings. But what about renting when self employed? Does your employment status make things complicated? What do you need to provide as proof or evidence of your income? Is there anything else you have to do to seal the deal on […]

04 May 2022
Where to live in London as a young professional

Are you a young professional looking into where to live in London? There’s plenty of choice, so where do you start? Where to live in London for young professionals depends on the kind of lifestyle you’re thinking about, the location relative to the area you’ll work, the cost, the amenities, the facilities and more. We’re […]

15 Mar 2022
What is the Cost of Living in Luton?

What is the Cost of Living in Luton Park for a day in a north Devon town like Bideford and it’ll cost you a lot less than a tenner. Park for the day in Brighton and you’ll have to shell out at least £25. This kind of difference isn’t unusual, it applies to all sorts […]

15 Mar 2022
A Guide to the Cost of Living in London

A Guide to the Cost of Living in London   So you’re considering moving to the nation’s capital, home of the West End, superb international shopping, unbeatable entertainment, fabulous eating out, some of the nation’s best bars and oodles of world-class attractions. It’s a thrilling prospect. But are you sure you can afford to live […]

15 Mar 2022
Advantages of Renting in a Modern Apartment Building

So you’re thinking about living in a modern apartment building? Good move! Modern apartment buildings, London and beyond, come with all sorts of cool advantages over older places.  Modern apartments are usually built with energy efficiency in mind. Modern apartments for rent come with insulation, energy-efficient heating systems and cooling systems, and are purpose built, […]

15 Mar 2022
Benefits of buying a modern new build home

Benefits of Buying a New Build Home   It’s slightly wonky. It needs constant maintenance. The layout is a bit weird for modern living. We’re talking about older homes here, and in their way they’re lovely. But modern new build homes? New builds couldn’t be more different, and the differences are all good ones.  You […]

01 Mar 2022
Average asking price for flats in Luton

Dating back to the 6th Century AD, Luton is one of the biggest towns in England that hasn’t been made into a city, home to around 215,000 people. London Luton Airport is the UK’s fifth busiest and London’s fourth busiest. The town itself is bustling and busy with a beautiful ancient centre and five lovely […]

01 Mar 2022
Average asking price for homes in Luton

Luton is connected. Very connected. It’s a dream for public transport, popular with commuters, and the airport is a mere stone’s throw away. It’s a place of pleasant parks and elegant avenues to the north, with a bustling centre, good schools, and a liberal outlook. If you’re hunting for a place to base yourself for […]

01 Mar 2022
Average asking price for flats in London

You’re moving to the capital, to London, to a city like no other. On the other hand, like most cities, wherever you are on the planet, buying apartments in London are a great deal higher than elsewhere in the country. As far as London’s concerned there’s a good general rule to bear in mind: the […]

01 Mar 2022
Average asking price for homes in London

What’s the Average House Prices in London?   Are you thinking about moving to the capital? Maybe you’ve made the decision and you’re ready to begin the search. It’s one of the most exciting things in life, but also something that deserves a lot of research and due diligence, especially when moving to London. It’s […]

03 Feb 2022
Advice for buying a home for first time buyers

It can be a minefield. Are you a first time buyer looking for reliable, clear home buying advice? Read on to find a collection of practical home buying tips and tricks to get you on the right track. By the end of this article you’ll have all the buying a new home advice you need […]

03 Feb 2022
Mortgage advice for first time buyers

This is one of the most exciting times in your entire life. You’re going to buy a place of your own, and you’re thrilled. But it’s more than exciting. Buying a place to live means making a sensible financial decision supported by the facts, and most people appreciate expert first time buyer help. When you’re […]

03 Feb 2022
Deposit advice for first time buyers

Deposit Advice for First Time Buyers Five percent? Ten percent? More? How much can you save towards a deposit on your first home, and how much do you realistically need to save for a deposit? How do mortgage deposits work and what is a first time buyer mortgage? Is there such a thing as a […]

03 Feb 2022
Types of Mortgages for First Time Buyers

Types of mortgages for first time buyers You’re getting into first time home buying. Congratulations! This is one of the most exciting times in your life. It can also be pretty scary. The numbers you talk about when buying your first home are absolutely enormous, and your mortgage will probably be the biggest loan you […]

27 Aug 2021
Leasing Commercial Property: A Complete Guide

Leasing Commercial Property: A Complete Guide   A commercial property lease is a complex thing. If you’re researching the ins and outs of commercial property leases, this is your primary resource. Our article is designed to help you get your head around the complexities of a lease for commercial property, know the differences between a […]

24 Aug 2021
Commercial Property Tax: Everything You Need to Know

Commercial Property Tax: Everything You Need to Know You really don’t want to get into commercial property unless you’re very familiar with the UK’s commercial property tax scene. The last thing you need is to fall foul of a set of complex tax rules, leaving yourself vulnerable to huge unexpected bills, potential fines, a bad […]

23 Aug 2021
Estate Agents Code of Conduct

Estate Agent Code of Conduct in the UK All estate agents are not equal. Some are superb, a few are less so. Did you know there’s an Estate Agents Code of Practice UK? It’s a good move to research the Estate Agent Code of Conduct when you’re planning to invest in property, create a property […]

23 Aug 2021
How to Build a Property Portfolio

How to Build a Property Portfolio Investments come, investments go, but building a property portfolio remains one of the most reliable ways to generate a worthwhile income. Are you thinking about making a long term investment in bricks and mortar?  This guide is designed for those researching building a property portfolio. Here’s everything you need […]

26 Jul 2021
Help to Buy scheme: A complete guide

Help to Buy scheme: A complete guide   Property just keeps getting more expensive. The old-school three times salary mortgage scene was great. It worked well back in the days when a one bedroom flat cost less than thirty thousand pounds. These days few of us can afford a mortgage on three times our salary. […]

26 Jul 2021
How to get on the property ladder

How Can First Time Buyers Get on the Property Ladder? Want a home of your own? Buying your first property is special, one of the most exciting things you can do in life. No more having to move when your rental agreement runs out, no more putting up with someone else’s décor and taste, no […]

20 Jul 2021
Do first time buyers pay stamp duty?

Do first time buyers pay stamp duty?   Buying your first house or flat must be one of life’s most exciting experiences. As long as you keep up your mortgage payments it’s yours, a place you can decorate any way you like, somewhere to relax, a place of your own to invite friends and family, […]

25 May 2021
Is Buying a Flat a Good Investment in London?

Is Buying a Flat A Good Investment? With so many opportunities to make money in today’s market, knowing where to invest your money is going to be the most important aspect of getting a great return on investment. The housing market has consistently proven to be a long term investment winner. In today’s guide we […]

21 May 2021
Leasehold vs Freehold: What’s the difference? 

Leasehold vs Freehold: What’s the Difference? Millions of homeowners around the country have heard of the terms, leasehold and freehold but what do they mean? In simple terms, freehold is where you own the property and the grounds it stands on for an unlimited amount of time. Leasehold is where you own the property but […]

18 May 2021
What is Rateable Value: A Complete Guide

What is Rateable Value for a Commercial Property What is the rateable value of your commercial property? Many businesses, tenants and property owners aren’t 100% clear on what rateable value is and how it’s calculated. But it’s an essential part of your property investment knowledge bank, something you need to understand fully to help you […]

08 Apr 2021
Stamp Duty Explained

Stamp Duty Explained Buying a property is complicated, whether it’s a home for yourself, a second home or a buy-to-let. There’s so much jargon, official dots to join, paperwork to do, people to liaise with and legalities to handle. A lot of it comes with extra costs to pay on top of the price of […]

07 Apr 2021
Mortgage Guarantee Scheme 2021 Guide

Guaranteed mortgage loans are big news. Right now we’re looking at a return to 95% mortgages. The last Budget saw the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announce a fresh new 2021 Mortgage Guarantee Scheme. It might be exactly the kind of the lifeline that first time buyers need, letting people who are new to […]

07 Apr 2021
Joint Tenants and Tenants in Common Guide

Joint Tenants vs Tenants in Common Property co-ownership comes in various guises, depending on your circumstances. There are two types of beneficial joint tenants. Do you understand the difference? Are you clear about which joint tenant agreement is best for your situation? This guide is designed to clarify exactly what these terms mean. Here’s everything […]

05 Apr 2021
Energy Performance Certificate Explained

Energy Performance Certificate Explained How well insulated is the house? How much heat does it leak into the air outside? How energy-efficient is the power source? EPC assessment matters a lot when you’re buying a property, and is just as important for sellers. Your bills could end up sky high in an old stone place […]

05 Mar 2021
What are the different types of tenancy?

Types of Tenancy Agreements – Everything You Need to Know   You want to rent a place to live. But which types of tenancy will suit your circumstances best? There’s a lot of money, time and effort involved in arranging somewhere to rent. And it’s obviously really important to fully understand exactly what you’re getting […]

03 Mar 2021
How to invest in property with a partner

How to Buy an Investment Property with a Partner Whether you’re moving in with someone you love or sharing the financial burden of buying a property with a friend, there’s a lot to think about. These days, with property prices already sky high and going up fast in many areas of the UK, more and […]

01 Mar 2021
How to buy a second home or property

How to Buy a Second Property or Home About 10% of British people own a second home. Some are buy-to-let, others are second homes and holiday homes. Is buying a second home on your radar? People buy a second property for many different reasons, and like all such important, big-money transactions you need the facts […]

01 Mar 2021
Buying a House Through a Limited Company

Buying a House Through a Limited Company There are several ways to buy property, and buying property through a company is a popular choice, with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It’s not surprising, then, that so many people ask the question, can a business buy a residential property? Buying a house through a […]

16 Dec 2020
Guide to Living in Southall

A Guide to Living in Southall As well as being a budding area for young families to place a foot on the property ladder, Southall is a superb choice for commuters and investors alike looking for new homes in London.  We take a closer look at this location bursting with vibrancy, culture and charm, to […]

16 Dec 2020
Guide to Living in Wandsworth

A Guide to Living in Wandsworth Named after the river Wandle, London’s 9th biggest borough, Wandsworth, is home to Battersea, Putney, Tooting and Wandsworth town, and is one of the safest and liveliest areas in inner London.  For those looking into properties to buy in London, Wandsworth is ideally situated for getting into and around […]

16 Dec 2020
Guide to Living in Luton

Guide to Living in Luton With impressive house price rises, large scale regeneration plans, ideal location and excellent commuter connections, Luton is an excellent prospect for those looking for new homes in London. Luton is a large town, borough and unitary authority area of Bedfordshire, situated in the south of England, with a population of […]

30 Nov 2020
A Guide to the Best Rental Yields In London

Best Rental Yields in London When researching into the best areas in London to invest in a property to let, you will be keen to find out the sort of rental yield you can expect to enjoy in return. A high rental yield ensures that your rental income covers the running costs of the property, […]

30 Nov 2020
Top 10 Best Places to Buy a House in London in 2021

Buying a property is likely to be one of the biggest and most important investments of your life, and it’s vital to do some research into the area you will choose to settle in.  If the capital city of London is where you wish to establish yourself, you will be moving to a constantly evolving […]

30 Nov 2020
What is 'Fair Wear and Tear' for Your Rental Property?

What is ‘ Fair Wear and Tear’ When Renting? When negotiating deposit deductions at the end of a tenancy, the landlord may be entitled to compensation for any perceived damage.  In each unique situation, a set of criteria needs to be looked at, to ascertain whether the deduction amount proposed is reasonable and relative to […]

08 Mar 2020
International Women’s Day

99% of our team is women 99% of our Lettings and Property Management team is now female, how did they all get into property, and how did this shift occur. From prima ballerina to vet, designer, psychiatrist, motor mechanic or party planner, our team didn’t all plan to work in property. But by happy accident, […]

03 Aug 2019
A Look at First Time Buyer Funding Schemes

Though the property market may seem intimidating to a first-time buyer, there are government schemes and other projects that can help to take a bit of the pressure off. In this piece we will look at some of the ways in which you can get a bit of a helping hand in buying your first dream home. Read more.

02 Aug 2019
New Development versus Pre-Owned

Pros & Cons of Buying a New Build vs Pre-Owned Buying your first home is one of the most important and daunting tasks that anyone can undertake. At Strawberry Star we realise that our clients want to be well informed and assisted in making the best decisions they possibly can, so let’s break down a […]

01 Aug 2019
How to Buy a House for First-Time Buyers

For a first-time home buyer, figuring out how to own your home can feel like a complicated process – but don’t be put off. Some expert advice on buying a house and first-time buyer relief are all you need to take the first step towards owning your own home.

03 Jul 2019
Easy Steps to Buying Your First House

Easy Steps to Buying Your First House The dream of owning a home is shared by everyone, and buying your first property is one of the most important investments you will ever make. It is an exciting and daunting step to take, but one that you don’t have to take alone. The process of purchasing […]

02 Jul 2019
The Best Areas for First-Time Buyers in London

Discover regeneration areas in London that are ripe for investment and offer excellent opportunities for first-time buyers. New developments in the areas on this list offer high-end living in established neighbourhoods within an easy commute of central London.

01 Jul 2019
Debunking First-Time Homebuyer Myths

The many myths around buying your own home can make homeownership seem daunting to first-time buyers. Here, we debunk some of the most stubborn myths about buying versus renting, the “right” time to buy, down payments, mortgages and why you should appoint a real estate agent.

04 Jun 2019
The True Cost of Moving House

Unexpected costs such as surveyors’ and legal fees can wreak havoc with your budget for moving house. And if you’re renting, you should also be prepared for fees in addition to your deposit. This guide explains all the different costs involved in moving house to ensure that you don’t get caught off guard.

03 Jun 2019
The Emerging Wembley Rental Market

The Emerging Wembley Rental Market When Wembley first formed many years ago – a simple, small village in rolling countryside, dotted with modest Victorian homes – it didn’t seem like a place that would host some of the world’s most iconic sporting and music events. Even when Wembley Stadium was built, the area took a […]

02 Jun 2019
Property Developments and Trends in Wandsworth

Wandsworth is the perfect meeting of countryside living without the unreasonable commute to central London. With its combination of large green belts, parks and booming business districts, Wandsworth offers something for everyone – from families looking to buy property to grow old in, to young professionals keen to enter the investment property owner-occupied or buy-to-let market.

01 Jun 2019
Southall: London’s Emerging Investment Property Hotspot

Whether you’re a young professional looking for a buy-to-let property, or a family looking to rent or buy a house, Southall offers lovely properties, a laid-back lifestyle and a convenient commute to central London. We take a look at why Southall is emerging as London’s new investment property hotspot.

03 May 2019
Life in London: Property, People and Places

Looking to purchase a home or rent a London apartment but don’t know where to look? We survey London neighbourhoods to help you find the best place to live, work and play – whether you want a convenient commute, an up-and-coming area with vibrant nightlife, or a safe place to raise your family.

02 May 2019
Having Trouble Selling Your Property? This Could Be Why

If your house isn’t selling as fast as you would like, the problem could be the price, the property or the marketing plan. A few easy home improvements could help. Then consider whether to review the price and whether your estate agent is geared to sell property fast. Ask these questions to find out why you are having trouble selling your property.

01 May 2019
What to Know When Buying a House

Owning your own home is a dream shared by the overwhelming majority of UK citizens, but it isn’t necessarily the right choice for everyone. With support from a skilled and seasoned property management company, it can also be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life. Here are the most important questions to ask when buying a home.

25 Apr 2019
What is a Property Valuation & What to Expect

Whether you are selling your home, or buying a new one, you will need to know how much the property is worth. To do this, you need the help of an experienced estate agent or valuation expert, so that you can be sure you are getting your money’s worth. Here we cover what property valuation entails.

10 Apr 2019
The Benefits of Using Estate Agents to Manage Your Property Letting

If you are looking to buy-to-let or rent out your home, you are in for a whirlwind of admin and legal responsibilities. As a new landlord, you may want some expert help. Here we discuss how to prepare for letting your home, and the benefits of hiring an estate agent or property management company to take care of the entire process.

20 Feb 2019
London continues to register rental growth

Residential rental continues to increase in London, even as Brexit deal is around the corner. The 3.7 per cent growth in residential rents in January 2019 demonstrates the stability in the London rental market, as demand momentum remains strong.   According to the latest HomeLet Rental Index, the average rent in the UK capital now […]

29 Jan 2019
Robust residential rental growth in London, appropriate time to invest in a buy-to-let property

If you are planning to invest in buy-to-let property in London, then, this is the most appropriate time. For, residential rental growth in London remains robust, as demand picks pace. Rents in London increased by 4.7 per cent in December 2018 compared to December 2017. The average monthly rent in the UK capital now stands […]

12 Dec 2018
Haringey & Islington register highest rental and house price growth in 2018

With 2018 coming to an end, real estate services and investment firm CBRE has released the list of top performing boroughs in London’s property market fort this year. Haringey registered the highest rental growth while houses in Islington experienced the highest price growth.   There is no doubt that house prices softened in London this […]

05 Dec 2018
LU2ON set to place reinvented commuter town LU2ON back on the map

With a £1.5billion regeneration project underway, the once overlooked Bedfordshire town of Luton is being reinvented into a buzzing property hotspot. Several new residential schemes are now coming up in Luton with the latest being LU2ON by Strawberry Star Homes. House prices are still 60 per cent less than London itself while the rental market […]

22 Nov 2018
Luton is the most affordable town for Londoners & first-time buyers

Luton – The Most Affordable Commuter Town for Londoners Luton, UK’s top buy-to-let postcode and London’s top commuter belt town, has now emerged as the most affordable town for Londoners, especially first-time buyers!   According to a latest research by Lloyds Bank, working professionals in Central London can save an average of £483,342 by commuting […]

12 Nov 2018
Greater London house prices & rents poised for double digit growth by 2023

Here’s an interesting update for home-buyers, investors and buy-to-let landlords in London! House prices and rents are set to grow in double digits in Greater London over the next five years, according to the latest UK Residential Forecast from global real estate services firm JLL.   By 2023, house prices are set to grow by […]

01 Nov 2018
Luton emerges most affordable town outside UK capital; LU2ON offers London lifestyle

By Santhosh Gowda, Chairman, Strawberry Star Group   UK’s top buy-to-let postcode Luton, London’s top commuter belt town, has now emerged as the most affordable town for house buyers, especially first-time buyers!   According to a latest research by Lloyds Bank, working professionals in Central London can save an average of £483,342 by commuting up […]

22 Oct 2018
London rental values outperform rest of the UK

If you are planning to invest in a buy-to-let property in London, now is the right time! For, average rental values in London were higher than in the rest of the UK last month. This clearly establishes London as one of the top rental markets in the world, as demand continues to grow. The variation […]

10 Oct 2018
London boroughs continue to register impressive rental growth

London continued to register an impressive rental growth outpacing the national average in September 2018. Rents in London increased by 3 per cent in September this year compared to September 2017 with the average monthly rent in the capital now being £1,640 a month. According to the latest HomeLet Rental Index, rental growth in London […]

19 Sep 2018
London rents maintain growth momentum

Residential rents continued to push upwards in the UK capital, as demand picked pace in many of the London boroughs.   Rents in London increased by 1.4 per cent in August 2018 when compared to the corresponding period last year, according to the latest HomeLet Rental Index. With 25 years supporting the industry, HomeLet is […]

10 Sep 2018
Help-to-buy scheme helps first-time buyers

The UK government’s ‘Help-to-Buy’ scheme has been found to be highly successful with a bulk of he first-time buyers taking advantage of the initiative, a latest research report indicates. According to a report prepared by Home Builders Federation (HBF), a representative body for home builders in England and Wales, an estimated 170,000 homes were purchased […]

04 Sep 2018
Home ownership top goal for generation rent in London

Home ownership is the single biggest goal for generation rent, especially people in the age group of 20-34 years in London and the South East, according to a latest research report from bespoke legal services provider Collyer Bristow. The report titled ‘Home Ownership Attitudes & Aspirations’ revealed that 62 per cent of the renters and […]

09 Aug 2018
Tenant demand pushes London rents upwards

Residential properties in London, one of the top rental markets in the world, continued to register a healthy growth in rent last month. In July 2018, the rents in London increased by 3.3 per cent annually when compared to the corresponding period last year.   According to the latest HomeLet Rental Index, the average rent […]

30 Jul 2018
London continues to experience rent growth in June

London, one of the top global rental markets for property investors, continues to make impressive gains, as the UK capital witnessed 4.7 per cent increase in residential rents in June 2018.   Residential rent growth in London has been consistently above 4 per cent month-on-month despite Brexit and its impact on the UK economy. This […]

17 Jul 2018
Landmark deal worth £420 million to speed up UK housing delivery

A new joint government-industry sector deal worth £420 million is set to transform the construction industry in the UK by deploying innovative technologies aimed at building new homes quicker. This is a welcome initiative considering the widening gap between demand and supply of homes, especially in London.   A recent announcement by the government has […]

03 Jul 2018
Prime London lettings market recovering

Prime London, one of the top residential property hubs of the world, is witnessing heightened activity in the lettings market as the number of tenancies agreed increased substantially in recent times.   In May 2018, rental values entered the positive territory in Prime Central London, where the lettings market was adversely impacted in the last […]

22 Jun 2018
Bank of Mum & Dad key to growth of UK housing market

Post by Santhosh Gowda The ‘Bank of Mum & Dad’ continues to play a key role in the UK housing market with house-buyers, particularly first-time buyers, increasingly relying on their parents and friends to climb up the housing ladder. According to a research by Legal & General, the ‘Bank of Mum & Dad’ will be […]

22 Jun 2018
Demand for UK rental properties on the rise

The demand for rental properties in the UK, including the capital, is on the rise with more number of house-hunters registering with estate agents. This is an indication of the buoyancy in the UK lettings market, which is considered one of the most lucrative for landlords and buy-to-let investors.   The latest report on the […]

Graph indicating London rents up 5.6 per cent
07 Jun 2018
London rents up 5.6 per cent ; ideal time to invest in a buy-to-let property

The residential rent in London, one of the top global property hubs, continues to rise overcoming speculations of a downturn in the market. Latest research data showed that rents in London increased by 5.6 per cent in May 2018 when compared to the corresponding period last year. This is an encouraging sign for investors, especially […]

07 Jun 2018
Sales of 200+ residential properties priced £1 million+ in London in April

The demand for residential properties in London has been stable with 213 units priced over £1 million being sold in April 2018. This demonstrates the trust of investors, house-buyers and landlords in the London property market, which is renowned worldwide for its strong fundamentals resulting in a healthy return on investment. HM Land Registry Price […]

10 Nov 2017
International migration fuelling growth of housing demand in England

If you are under the impression that the widening gap between demand and supply of houses is the only reason for price inflation of residential assets in the UK, you could be wrong. For, latest research has revealed that international migration is also a growth driver of housing in England, especially London.   England’s population […]

10 Oct 2017
UK landlords cautious about tenants with poor credit rating

Yet another interesting dimension is emerging out of the UK housing crisis with the latest survey revealing that tenants with poor credit rating are more likely to be shunned by landlords. Having access to the credit scores of tenants would be a crucial factor for landlords when deciding who to sign an agreement with, as […]

06 Oct 2017
UK’s first-time buyers continue to expect help from parents to climb property ladder

Access to finance continues to remain a major concern for first-time house buyers in the UK, as 66 per cent of adults aged 18-40 years are expecting to receive help from family to get their foot on the property ladder.   The latest First-Time Buyers Report by the Yorkshire Building Society identifies various problems faced […]

29 Sep 2017
Strawberry Star enters London’s development market with £50m investment

London-based international property company, Strawberry Star Group, has entered the London residential property development market with the launch of “BRONZE”. Set in Wandsworth, the £50 million scheme is designed to provide first-time buyers with new homes at lower capital values… Read full article   Source: Property Investor Today

20 Sep 2017
The sun shimmers in Wandsworth

Bronze, a shimmering tower of 77 apartments in burnished panels, reflects not just the sun but the rising allure of Wandsworth town centre. The local council has paved the way for sweeping changes with the town centre attracting design-conscious young singles and couples priced out of zone one, with new build flats… Read full article […]

08 Sep 2017
Ideal time to invest in London’s Wandsworth residential property

Are you planning to acquire a buy-to-let or owner-occupier residential unit in London? Then, you should explore Wandsworth SW18, one of the most promising areas for regeneration in London with leading developers and housing associations venturing into the location. The Wandsworth Regeneration plans include new developments aimed at creating better housing, transport, leisure pursuits and […]

07 Sep 2017
BRONZE – stunning apartments up Wandsworth regeneration value

Are you planning to buy a home in Wandsworth, a historic London borough on the south bank of The Thames? Hold your breath! Property company Strawberry Star Group is unveiling its major residential development scheme – BRONZE – on September 20!   Wandsworth SW18 is one of the most promising areas for regeneration in London […]

06 Sep 2017
TfL initiatives in Wandsworth to impact property prices

A significant appreciation in values of properties, including residential assets, in the Wandsworth, London is anticipated in the next few years in view of various initiatives announced by the stakeholders of the borough of Wandsworth. The Transport for London (TfL) has announced plans to improve Wandsworth Town Centre’s street network. TfL intends to commence work […]

04 Sep 2017
Challenger bank OakNorth lends £21m to Strawberry Star for Wandsworth development

Strawberry Star secures sweet deal of £21m from challenger bank OakNorth, to fund the build of new development Bronze. “Wandsworth is one of London’s most popular areas and is in desperate need of new homes – the borough requires 18,000 new homes a year until 2025 to keep up with demand,” said Santhosh Gowda, Strawberry […]

01 Sep 2017
Bronze - launching 20th September

The official first phase launch for Bronze, SW18 is drawing near, be the first to discover your dream home in this unique development in the heart of Wandsworth.   Perfect for living the London life. Bronze is ideally located in this sought-after location adjacent to King George’s Park. On your doorstep, you can find Southside shopping centre, boutique shops, […]

28 Jul 2017
UK landlords anticipate another ‘crisis’ due to ‘Buy-to-Let’ tax changes

The National Landlords Association (NLA) in the UK has expressed fears that the recent changes to the way the buy-to-let properties are taxed could lead to the next “pension crisis,” as property owners are increasingly depending on their residential assets to save for their retirement years.   Richard Lambert, CEO, at the NLA, the leading […]

06 Jul 2017
Despite price inflation, first-time buyers continue to drive housing in the UK

The housing market in the UK continues to be dictated by price inflation, as first-time buyers are finding it difficult to climb up the property ladder. But they continue to dominate the housing market driving the growth despite a steep increase in residential property prices. The number of first-time buyers reached an estimated 162,704 in […]

24 Apr 2017
1-bed flat will cost £200,000+ by 2019 across London

1-bed apartments are popular in London, where real estate prices are among the highest in the world, and now they continue to command a premium price. 1-bed apartment in Sky Gardens, Nine Elms SW8. For sales and lettings enquiries or to arrange viewing click here. This soaring demand for 1-bed flats is pushing their prices upwards, […]

11 Mar 2017
House prices continue to grow in the UK, as completions fall

The latest House Price Index from Halifax shows that the prices in the UK residential market are continuing their upward trend. This demonstrates the stability of the residential property market, which had witnessed a slowdown during mid-2016 given several developments. The house prices in December 2016 and January-February 2017 were 5.1 percent higher than the […]

02 Mar 2017
UK buy-to-let property investor is here to stay

The private rented sector in the UK is now worth £1.4 trillion or equivalent to approximately five-and-a-half times the gold reserves of the US, it is revealed by Savills in its latest report – Residential Property Focus – Issue 1. This is an interesting observation, as it positions the UK private rented sector among the […]

21 Feb 2017
Chelsea homes costliest, but buyers flock to East London boroughs

The latest UK House Price Index (UK HPI) calculated by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that Kensington and Chelsea command the highest house prices in 2016 reaching an average of £1,317,424, registering an increase of 4.2 percent over 2015.       The two boroughs were followed by the City of Westminster where […]

14 Nov 2016
5 issues that matter in 2017 for housing

With another 50 days left to complete 2016, global real estate services provider JLL has brought out five interesting issues that are likely to mark the housing sector in the UK next year.     The report ‘UK Residential Forecasts’ identifies issues, such as Overseas Sales, Build to Rent, Space Standards, Affordable Housing, and Retirement […]

27 Oct 2016
Buyer interest in the UK residential property market rises

That the uncertainty in the UK property market is a short-term trend has been revealed by the latest Residential Market Survey conducted by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), which established an increase in buyer interest for the first time since February, 2016. More than 8 per cent of the respondents of the survey […]

27 Oct 2016
Property prices increase by 8.4% across UK

Amidst growing concerns over the future of the UK property market comes a critical finding that the average price of houses have increased by 8.4 per cent in the last 12 months. The data for August 2016 released by the Office for National Statistics recently shows that an average home in the UK is priced […]

07 Oct 2016
7% month-on-month increase in mortgage lending brings relief to London property market

Amid speculation over the future of the UK property market comes the revelation that gross mortgage lending increased by 7 per cent in August, providing fresh impetus to the UK housing market.   According to data released by the Council of Mortgage Lenders, gross mortgage lending was approximately £22.5 billion in August – 7 per cent higher than […]

04 Oct 2016
Unique apartments to rent in London’s Royal Docks

Are you planning to move to the Royal Docks and looking for a brand new property with several lifestyle amenities for rent? Then, why not consider Hoola, a unique property being developed by the award-winning HUB group in association with Strawberry Star in the Docklands. Apartments of varying dimensions (1-bed, 2-bed, 3-bed and studio) are […]

23 Sep 2016
Rent control will be detrimental to housing in the UK

Is rent control an option to resolve the current housing crisis in the UK? Of late, there has been a debate, especially among tenants, about the benefits of reintroducing rent control. According to the findings of a poll conducted by market survey agency ‘Survation’ 59% of the respondents are in favour of reintroducing rent control […]

16 Sep 2016
Growth of average monthly rents in London raises concerns

The word is out – the average monthly rent for a one-bed London apartment has inched closer to the £1,500 mark. This is not only shocking for Londoners, but provides adequate food for thought for the stakeholders of London housing, as this is not the direction they want the city to grow. The figures released by […]

14 Sep 2016
Right time to pick rental property in Central London

If you are looking for a property to rent in London, then this is the right time to go for it. Rents in Central London have fallen by 3.6% while the inventory increased in July, according to a recent market report from property consultancy firm Knight Frank. One of the main factors responsible for the drop […]

02 Sep 2016
UK commercial rents remain stable

With reports emerging that commercial rents in the UK market remained stable in July, it gives a sense of relief to property owners in the wake of the recent concerns, especially the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Though it may be premature to predict the stability of commercial rent for the ongoing quarter, property […]

25 Aug 2016
Interest rate may impact first-time home buyers

Is the reduction in bank interest rate a worrying sign for first-time home buyers in the UK? The answer seems to be “yes” from a majority of prospective buyers. This is because  a cut in bank interest rate means slower growth of their all important deposit. To buy a London property a prospective buyer will […]

18 Aug 2016
Night Tube service set to propel rental growth in London

With selected Tube stations set to remain open for 24 hours on weekends in London, it is predicted that rents around such stations are expected to increase.   With rents falling all across the UK, including London where rents are down by 0.5% compared to the same period last year, this finding comes as a […]

16 Aug 2016
Nine Elms – a model for urban transformation

There is no doubt that Nine Elms in London is an impressive transformational story at the heart of Europe’s financial capital. The area will be the last of the Central London locations which will complete the redevelopment of the South Bank. The regeneration of Nine Elms continues apace. Only last week, an ambitious new project […]

22 Jul 2016
Immense potential for short lets in London

London, which is one of the top property markets in the world, is gradually opening up to the concept of short lets, which in the US and Asian markets, is also referred to as serviced apartments. In other markets, short lets and serviced apartments have become established products of the real estate sector and London […]

14 Apr 2016
Hoola Tops Out

Set high above on the East Tower, overlooking Royal Docks, Canary Wharf and the City, Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham was present to lay the ceremonious ‘last brick’. Accompanying him was Newham’s Councillor Ken Clark, Steve Sanham, Development Director (HUB). Nick Stonely, Managing Director for Strawbery Star Developments and Sathvik Sathish, Group Director of […]

16 Feb 2016
Construction Update

Construction activity is continuing on programme and there has been significant progress in all areas of the development since our last newsletter. The core walls of the structure have been finished to level 25. Floor slabs have been poured up to level 22 and glazing is in place up to the eighth floor. The building […]

07 Jan 2016
Challenges for housing sector will intensify in 2016

The London property market grabbed the limelight the whole of 2015 and the situation appears no different this year with several challenges in front of the stakeholders of housing while the price inflation continues. It is evident that 2016 will remain the year of challenges for the housing sector in London, especially when the demand […]

11 Nov 2015
National minimum bedroom size for rented properties - a much awaited regulation

With housing becoming unaffordable to a great extent in London because of price inflation over the years, landlords saw a big opportunity to earn an extra income by renting out whatever additional space was available at homes to tenants. This window of opportunities was so big that violations relating to rented accommodation were on the rise, […]

30 Mar 2015
Budget Response – New UK Housing Zones

The 2015 Budget saw Chancellor George Osborne announce several proposals with the intention to catalyse growth throughout the UK’s housing market. As previously discussed in our blog last week, one of the proposed policies was a new Help to Buy Isa, an initiative that would provide a step up for first-time buyers saving towards a […]

30 Mar 2015
Budget Response – March 2015

March 18th saw George Osborne deliver his sixth Budget as the UK chancellor. The announcement – the last of the current Parliament – has accelerated the political competition ahead of the May general election. A priority topic in this year’s announcement was the new Help to Buy Isa, a proposal that is sure to have a […]

30 Mar 2015
‘Pension Freedom’ Paves the Way for Mature Buy-to-Let Landlords

From April 6th, pension reforms will grant the UK population aged 55 and over the freedom to reinvest lump sums of their pension pots in to property, and join the expansive community of buy-to-let landlords. The reforms will enable savers in their mid-50s to access all or some of their pension pot, with a 25% tax-free drawdown, […]

30 Mar 2015
The countdown has begun for the launch to market of our exceptional new development – Hoola London E16.

Set to redefine London’s skyline, Hoola London E16 is the latest addition to Strawberry Star’s residential portfolio. Developed by HUB, with internationally acclaimed architects CZWG, the unique structure, distinguished by two iconic towers, is set to breathe new life into London’s Royal Victoria Docks, an area poised for major regeneration in the coming years. This […]

10 Dec 2014
Hoola London time-lapse video

Work continues on site, please click here to view the first time-lapse video. We will receive updated edits approximately every two months. Watch this space!

20 Oct 2014
Hoola London E16, Phase II launches in London and Hong Kong

Phase II of Hoola London E16, launches in The Four Seasons, Canary Wharf, London on the 6th and 7th of November. The London launch is followed by two dates in Hong Kong on the 8th and 9th of November, at a prestigious event at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Hoola London E16, a Hub Residential development, is a 360-home scheme in the heart […]

16 Oct 2014
Hong Kong Launch Seminar

If you’ll be in Hong Kong on 15th November, then save the date. Strawberry Star will be hosting an exclusive seminar looking at the London property market and how recent legislative changes could affect your property portfolio. Our experience, expertise and insight in prime London real estate can guide you through the market and this […]

15 Oct 2014
Hoola London E16 Site Progress

Work continues on the site and we’ll continuously update you on progress and key milestones as your off plan purchase becomes a reality. View more photos of the site by visiting our gallery.

15 Oct 2014
A History of the Royal Docks

Royal Victoria Dock opened in 1855 and was the first of the Royal Docks to be built. it processed 850,000 tons of shipping per year.     Tidal Basin, which Hoola overlooks, was the entry point to the dock from the driver Thames. In the early years, four piers reached into the dock, giving 3.6 […]

15 Oct 2014
Hoola featured in City AM

The new Hoola development is finally offering reasons to live out by the ExCel, says Melissa York from City AM. “London’s historic Royal Docks were once bustling with commercial trade as ships from all over the world sailed down from the Thames to sell their wares. Together, the Royal Albert, Royal Victoria and King George […]

02 Oct 2014
Strawberry Star Lettings & Sales Now Open – with more to follow

Strawberry Star Lettings & Sales is now open in London’s Docklands and Wandsworth, with further openings planned in London Bridge and the Vauxhall/Nine Elms areas. Our first international office will open in Hong Kong in November, bringing a wealth of prime London real estate knowledge to local buyers. As well as Strawberry Star’s own developments, […]

04 Aug 2014
Strawberry Star Rebranded

We decided that we would reflect our motto ‘the fresh side of real estate’ throughout the business and rebrand our company image giving it a fresh, innovative and modern look. Check out the new look site which is more interactive, keeps you more informed on our current and latest developments and helps you to communicate […]

07 Apr 2014
Sky Gardens Crowned in Home Awards

One of the UK’s most prestigious property awards, the Sunday Times British Home Awards has crowned SkyGardens its ‘Best Housing Project’. Intended to recognise excellence in creating great places to live, the award is a significant honour for SkyGardens. Santhosh Gowda, Strawberry Star Chairman and Managing Director had this to say: “SkyGardens epitomises our fresh […]