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Price: £20 per sq ft


22 minutes from London by train

30 miles north-west of London by car

A1 – A5 planning use

3270.1 sq ft / 303.8 sqm

Shop fronts installed

Completes early 2021

Located in county Bedfordshire, Luton will see 1.5bn of inward investment to regenerate the town with a transport hub at its heart.


The Lu2on site is well located for the major routes of vehicular and foot traffic as well as the surrounding residential areas. Unit 2 will have a prime position in the award-winning mixed-use development, which sits on a busy traffic route (Kimpton Road) into the town centre from the M1 and airport. Kimpton Road also benefits from several local bus routes, and the unit will also benefit from the proximity of the site to Luton Parkway Station.


This catchment area has a higher proportion of economically active people than the rest of Luton, mostly in the ABC2 socio-economic group and with a predominant age range between 25-34 – with 47% of households in a married relationship.


Retail unit 2 comes with A1 – A5 planning use and sits on the lower ground floor – street level. The unit comprises of 3270.1 sq ft / 303.8 sqm and will be developed to shell and core with installed shop fronts.


Tenure is Leasehold.

The opportunity

Unopposed this unit will provide the primary retail including for the new community, local area and up-coming new builds in the surrounding area. Benefitting directly from 877 households in the development and an additional 233 households in a recent neighbouring development.

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Commercial Asset Manager


Eamon Kennedy

Head of Agency & Business Development - Kirkby Diamond


Lyanne Jacob

Surveyor | Agency - Kirkby Diamond