East vs West London – Where to live

The capital is beckoning you. It’s a dream you’re keen to see come true. But which area of the city do you want to live in, east or west? East vs West London is an important question since the two areas are pretty different, each with its own attractions, facilities, venues, personality and feel. What you need is expert insight, and that’s what we’re here for. Take a look. Read on to discover the low-down about east vs west London shops, east vs west London prices, east vs west London parks and more. By the end of this article you should have a nice, clear picture about which will suit your capital city lifestyle needs and desires best.

What East London has to Offer

Looking east, what does this area of the capital offer? There are some great reasons why you might choose to live in east London over West London. Let’s settle one of the most important things first – the cost of living. As a rule it’s cheaper to live in East London than west, great news when you’re on a budget. There’s more great news, this time if you love to get out and about after dark. East London has a better nightclub scene, with a wider choice of places to paint the town red. It also makes for a cheaper night out. 

Funky east London is more artistic, too. It’s home to the Tate Modern and the Barbican centre, both world-class venues where you’ll be able to experience some of the world’s best works of art, performances, shows, gigs, exhibitions and more. There’s more street art on show in the east of the capital as well, adding a rebellious edge to its vibrancy.  

East London parks include an amazing green corridor extending from Limehouse, by the Thames, to Victoria Park near the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford. What a delight.

If you’re into your sports you’ll love the fact that this area is home of the Olympic games, the place where Team GB won a zillion medals and made us all proud. It’s a great area for sports lovers and non sports lovers thanks to the post-Olympics infrastructure. And, of course, it comes with really good transport links to the city centre and beyond. Rail and tube, buses and bicycles, it all connects beautifully.

What West London has to Offer

Maybe you’ll prefer to live in west London. As a rule west London is prettier, as well as richer. Take Portobello Market, which is a beautiful sight all year round. The architecture is different here, too. While east London is full of tower blocks, west London is home to more celebrities and comes with a more glamorous, wealthy capital city feel. Live in west London and you’re a lot more likely to run into famous faces. Some people feel it’s worth the price tag.

West London parks include the stunning Richmond Park and Bushy Park, Holland Park and Kew Gardens itself. The vibe is different. West London is cleaner and more cultured, while many Londoners tend to regard east London as ‘rough’ and ‘dirty’. But it’s a matter of individual taste, and more importantly it’s about your budget. Beauty comes with a premium in every capital city, and London is no different. Because the west of the city is so very cultured and cosmopolitan, you pay a lot more for the privilege of living there.

On the whole, the food is better in West London – or at least offers more variety. It’s stacked with notable and household-name chefs, packed with amazing eateries, and home to any number of Michelin starred restaurants. As you can imagine, eating out there can be expensive. And like east London the transport links are excellent, making it easy to get from A to B no matter where your ‘B’ happens to be!

Best Places to live in East London

Now we’re going to introduce two of the best places to live in east London, saving you all the hard work and research. Hackney is a hot choice, very popular. It’s located between the lovely green spaces of Victoria Park, Hackney Downs and London Fields, and that alone makes it worth exploring. It has more than enough incredible dining, drinking and entertainment options on tap, including really high-end eateries like Pidgin and world-class coffees from Square Mile roasters. There are also some excellent markets offering delights like vintage fabrics, unusual meats, artisan breads, arts and crafts.  

Dalston is another hot spot for people moving to east London. It’s only a stone’s throw from one of the previously most-trendy districts, Old Street and Hoxton Square, neither of which is as edgy as they used to be. What makes Dalston a great place to live? It’s wilder, younger and somehow even more eccentric than its westerly rivals. The large Turkish community means it’s full of superb eateries. The Art Deco Rio cinema is a treat. There are oodles of independent bars, cafes and coffee shops, all funky and fun. And the prices – as well as the overall cost of living – are significantly lower than the better-known trendy spots in smart west London.  

Best places to live in West London

The east vs west London story continues with two of the best places to live in the capital’s shiny, expensive west. Notting Hill is exclusive and pretty, close to St John’s Wood and even posher Primrose Hill. It’s a visual feast of pastel houses and well-stocked private gardens, both of which make it one of London’s prettiest neighbourhoods. If you’re into the best of everything you’ll love the swanky designer outlets and Michelin-starred restaurants lining the spotless streets.

Primrose Hill & St John’s Wood lies on the northern edge of Regent’s Park, and it’s just as wonderful as Notting Hill if you have the cash. This is where some of the richest, most famous and coolest people come out to play, making it their permanent home. Being on a hill, as the name suggests, you get spectacular views across London, an absolute knockout at sunrise and sunset. While the district is packed with upmarket boutiques and beautiful family homes it still manages to give a warm, community feel.

Decision-making time! 

Now you know what makes east London so different from the west of the city. For people researching east vs west London, it can be all about the money. But it can also be about what you want out of life. An expensive, exclusive lifestyle where everything’s beautiful and costs a fortune, or funkier, lower-key living where you discover the unusual, the unique and the interesting at every turn, where life feels more ‘real’. Either way the team at Strawberry Star has great properties available right across east and west London.