Living in Vauxhall and Nine Elms

So you’re moving to the capital. How exciting. London is a particularly vibrant city as well as one of the greenest, with more fresh open spaces to enjoy than almost any other capital. It’s packed with fun, the shopping is superb, and there’s every flavour of nightlife you can imagine. Plus all those amazing London attractions, venues and destinations. So what’s on your radar, east or west London? You need insight! So let’s take a good look at what it’s like living in Vauxhall. How about travel to Vauxhall, overall life in Vauxhall, and the best place to live in Vauxhall? Read on to find out.

What’s it like to live in Vauxhall?

Is it good to live in Vauxhall? The short answer is a big ‘yes’. There are plenty of reasons why people like to live in Vauxhall. For a start it offers a great location on the Thames. The river is always wonderful, a fantastic route to walk, explore, and soak in the wonder of at least two thousand years of history. Vauxhall also comes with a busy, funky and bustling centre, where you can find absolutely everything you need within walking distance. The tight-knit community feel makes it a warm and friendly place to live, a district where  you can truly belong.

Vauxhall’s burgeoning LGBTQ community keeps things lively, exciting and often outrageous, and that alone is bringing more and more people here, along with a tolerant attitude that’ll make you feel welcome. And, importantly, it’s still an affordable area to live in a capital city whose property prices are notoriously high. The focus here is mostly young professionals and students, who love to take advantage of the lively bar scene and low prices. If you happen to have kids there are some lovely playgrounds to enjoy, and the Lavender Garden is heavenly.  All this and more makes living in Vauxhall, London, a great experience for sampling everything that’s best about the city.  

Commuting in Vauxhall

How about travel to Vauxhall? If you’re thinking about living in Vauxhall, what are the all-important transport links like? They’re very good, which means you can easily access other areas of the city for work. The City itself, the Square Mile, is just three miles away, around an hour’s walk and a fascinating journey on foot that makes the capital so much more familiar. It’s around 15-35 minutes by car and 25-30 minutes by public transport, and 20-25 minutes by bike.

Your version of the best place to live in Vauxhall might depend on the transport to Canary Wharf. If so, you’re also in luck. While it’s 6.1 miles away it’s just 25-50 minutes by car and 40-45 minutes by public transport. The same goes for Southwark: 2.9 miles or 15-30 minutes by car, roughly an hour’s walk, 25-35 minutes by public transport and 15-20 minutes by bike. Westminster is close by, just under a mile and a half away at 1.4 miles and a 10-15 minute journey by car. It’s just 20 minutes away on public transport, half an hour on foot and 10-15 minutes by bicycle. Finally, Shoreditch is a mere 4.5 miles or 25-50 minutes by car away, 35 minutes by public transport and an hour and a half by foot, a treat for keen walkers and those who love to stay fit.

As far as tube and train stations around Vauxhall go, there’s plenty of choice. Vauxhall is on the Victoria line and also connects with National Rail. It’s also on the bus network. Northbound tube trains go towards Walthamstow Central and southbound trains towards Brixton. There are direct trains to Waterloo, Wimbledon, Clapham Junction and Richmond. The bus station serves south and central London.

Lifestyle in Vauxhall

What is everyday life in Vauxhall like? The district offers plenty of convenience. What’s the lifestyle side of the area like? First, the district’s shops and restaurants. While Vauxhall doesn’t have a high street there are some great shopping areas to delve into. The Nine Elms Vauxhall Sunday Market offers 400-plus stalls, held in New Covent Garden Market. There’s a row of local shops and cafés close to the gyratory along Kennington Lane. You have two Korean restaurants to choose from, an exotic choice, namely Jihwaja and Daebak. And at the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, the Tea House Theatre is a popular café with a wide selection of teas, sandwiches and cakes to enjoy.


If you’re into cool nightlife, Vauxhall is famed for its gay clubbing scene, centred around the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. It’s the ultimate in lively, funky and fun. And there are two superb local restaurants. Brunswick House provides fabulous eats among the architectural antiques for sale at LASSCO, and the Canton Arms is a top class gastropub in South Lambeth Road.


Open spaces are yours to enjoy with loads of gorgeous riverside walks and a linear park threading its way through the new developments underway, coming soon. At the moment Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens is a very nice little park. There are some city allotments and Vauxhall City Farm to enjoy, complete with animals.


Head for the cleverly-named Vauxwall Climbing Centre for exhilarating sport climbing, found under the railway arches in South Lambeth. There’s even an impressive art scene in Vauxhall. This is where you’ll find Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery. There are also two more contemporary art galleries where you’ll be able to discover amazing creations, the Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall, housed in a former ragged school that’s also in Newport Street, and Gasworks in Vauxhall Street.

Schools in Vauxhall

Plenty of people are keen to know about schools in Vauxhall, vital for happy children. As far as Primary Schools go, Vauxhall is blessed with a large number of state schools rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. Whether you choose Wyvil school on Wyvil Road, Herbert Morrison school on Hartington Road, Vauxhall school on Vauxhall Street, Ashmole school on Ashmole Street, Reay school on Hackford Road and St George’s C of E on Corunna Road. It’s a great choice, and every school is rated highly.


If you have older kids, there are some good comprehensive schools. The Lilian Bayliss co-ed school accepts pupils aged 11 to 18, based on Kennington Lane. Platanos College is another co-ed, accepting children aged 11 to 18 and found on Clapham Road. Oasis Academy South Bank is co-ed, for children aged 11 to 16, a popular Free School on Westminster Bridge Road.


The specialist King’s College London Maths School is co-ed, open to ages 16 to 18 and also on Kennington Road, a selective sixth form with an ‘outstanding’ rating. And there are two Private Schools on offer. Private School Westminster takes boys aged 11 to 18 and allows girls in the 6th form. It’s in Dean’s Yard in the Westminster Abbey precinct. The other, the Under School, takes boys aged seven to 14, and is based in Vincent Square.

Can we help you with living in Vauxhall, London?

Is it good living in Vauxhall? We think so. Living in Vauxhall London gives you lots of variety, all the amenities you need, plus a brilliant LGBTQ scene, a lovely tolerant vibe, great shops and creative outlets, plus affordable places to live. If you’re researching east vs west London, does this district float your boat? If so, we’re here to help. At Strawberry Star properties we have lots to offer in both east and west London, including Vauxhall and the surrounding districts. With our help your dreams of living in Vauxhall will come true.