Our guide to the best places to live in South London

Best Places to Live in South London


There’s no doubt that London is one of the most fascinating and lively places to live in the entire world. But how on earth do you choose a place to live in this giant, sprawling metropolis? 

As with pretty much every city on the planet, you can divide London up into 4 distinct zones: North, South, East and West. And today, we’re going to focus on the vast beauty and charm of the southern side of London, as we discover the best places to live in South London. 

From legendary landmarks and untouched green spaces, to bustling neighbourhoods and extraordinary nightlife, South London is populated by a cross-section of Londoners who call this creative and beautiful area home. 

So, what are the best places to live in South London? Well, that comes down to personal taste when all’s said and done. But we’ve narrowed it down to some of our favourite zones, each one with its own personal style and particular brand of uniqueness. 


Best places to live in South London


If you’re considering where to live in South London, then check out some of these fantastic neighbourhoods. 



Arguably the best area in South London, Brixton is a cultural melting pot with a long, rich history. Known for its markets and music scene (the Brixton Academy is an iconic music venue), Brixton is the perfect location for people who want a slice of true London life. 

Located in the London borough of Lambeth, Brixton enjoyed a steep rise in popularity a few decades ago, as transport links with the centre of the city improved. And nowadays, locals can arrive in central London within 10 minutes, hopping on the Victoria line straight from Brixton to Oxford Street. Other transport links include National Rail station and over 20 bus routes, all serving Brixton and its surrounding areas. 

As a resident of Brixton you can take advantage of a wealth of local restaurants, bars, music venues and other cultural events, as well as local parks, Victorian architecture and the most legendary street market London has to offer. 



Another South London gem, Greenwich is world-famous for its maritime history and, of course, Greenwich Meantime. However, creating a time zone isn’t what draws people to this London zone these days! 

Located in the South-East of London, the Royal Borough of Greenwich is a beautiful area that combines city living with rural charm. With over 50 parks in the borough alone, residents here get the best of both worlds. And you can enjoy a Sunday stroll in your favourite green space, before catching up with friends and one of the hundreds of friendly local pubs. 

Also famous for its university, Greenwich offers its residents the unique chance to live among a diverse population, from international students and young creatives, to true Londoners that have grown up in this exciting area all their lives. 

Greenwich locals are also lucky to have a great amount of transport links at their fingertips. And you can hop on both Thameslink and Southeastern trains, which take you into London Bridge in 10 minutes, as well as the Tube, DLR, buses and boats! 

Given Greenwich’s privileged position next to the Thames, local residents can often be seen commuting to work, or on their way to meet friends, on one of many river-based transport routes, including the Thames Clipper and even the Thames Limo. 



One of the trendiest and newly-affluent areas of the South, Clapham is probably best known for its beautiful, expansive park, Clapham Common, as well as its endless quantity of pubs, bars and trendy restaurants. 

The area of Clapham is rather large, containing four distinct zones: Clapham North, Clapham South, Clapham Junction and Clapham Old Town. And each particular area has its own charm and local landmarks.

For example, Clapham North boasts the Temperance Fountain and historical Clapham Orangery. While Clapham South is home to its very own underground bomb shelter, used in WW2, which is now a major tourist attraction. 

But, whichever zone you set your sights on, you can be sure that Clapham will give you a wide range of independent shops, super-cool bars, emerging restaurants and some of the prettiest parks London has to offer. Plus, with buses, Overground trains and 3 different Tube stops, this southern oasis gives you more than enough options to travel throughout the rest of the city. 


Crystal Palace 

Now best-known for its Premier League football team, Crystal Palace was once home to the magnificent glass exhibition hall of the same name. Sadly, the Crystal Palace itself no longer stands, but residents can still enjoy the local beauty that this area of South London has to offer. 

From vibrant parks and stunning natural lakes, to incredible local theatre and food markets, this eclectic area is one of the most lively destinations for people living in South London. 

Furthermore, Crystal Palace has great links into the rest of London, with an Overground and Underground station, as well as many different bus routes connecting you to the centre of town and other zones. 

That said, you might find yourself not wanting to leave the comfort of Crystal Palace at all. With so many vintage shops, markets and some of the best local and international restaurants in the city, residents of this regal-sounding area are proud to stay local in their little slice of London-based heaven! 



Standing proud above the skyline of Wandsworth, Londoners know the familiar site of the Battersea Power Station. Once a titan of industry, this coal-powered powerhouse fell into disrepair after it was decommissioned in the 1980s, only to be lovingly restored and renovated in 2014. 

These days, you won’t find much coal at Battersea Power Station. Instead, you can enjoy an entirely new space, full of new-build housing, chic bars and restaurants and gleaming glass buildings, where companies like Apple hold offices. 

Due to the restoration of the power station, the Battersea area has seen an influx of wealthy residents flock to the area. Not just due to its historic landmark, but also its proximity to the Thames and its excellent transport links. 

However, Battersea has much more to offer than just the area that surrounds the power station. And locals can get their fill of traditional South London pubs, bars, cafes and parks, as well as one of the best views from anywhere in the city. 


Final Thoughts

Finding a new home in a great new part of London should be fun and inspiring. And, as we’ve seen, South London has some of the most beautiful, contemporary and up-and-coming neighbourhoods of the entire city. 

So to find a selection of the most sought-after homes in some of the areas we’ve discussed today, check out our South London listings.