The 10 Best Areas to Rent in London 

10 Best Places to Rent in London

When it comes to picking somewhere to rent in London, you need to be prepared for the journey you can take. From suburban nooks nestled in the centre to wide open country spaces just a 30 minute commute away, London has it all.

But what makes an area great? This guide will help you understand what we mean by a great area, and in turn, give you an idea as to what the best areas are to rent in London – according to our professionally trained staff, of course. 

Which areas in London are best for renting? 

We have covered the London rental and property market for many years now and there are some areas which still stand out. From suburbia to city centre developments that put you in the heart of the city. Here are some of the best areas for renting in and around London. 


Luton sits north of the city of London with excellent transport links both by rail and car. Over the last decade, Luton has undergone mass urban regeneration and the average property price has increased by 12% in that time. The number of commuters from the city is increasing yearly and this is thanks to the property market in the centre being saturated and sometimes overvalued. Check out our latest developments page to see any new opportunities to rent in Luton. 


North London is full of opportunities to rent and if there is one area that isn’t spoken about enough it is, Angel. Known for Georgian houses turned into flats, a strong coffee culture and twice weekly market, Angel is also lucky enough to be near great transport routes. Minutes away from Euston, King’s Cross and London Bridge. Definitely worth watching if you wanted to get away from the hustle of the centre but still be close enough to enjoy all it has to offer. 


Wandsworth which sits south of the city is an undervalued area of London – that will drastically change over the next decade. With access to popular urban areas like Clapham & Putney as well rail networks to Kings Cross and South London & Kent, Wandsworth is a city centre gem. Great schools, big parks and a suburban culture, it is a place that shouldn’t be underestimated. Check out our latest developments page to see any new opportunities to rent in Wandsworth.


Located in West London is Southall. Over the years it has been known for the film, Bend it Like Beckham and it’s popular Asian market but Southall, is a great place to rent in London’s city centre district. Not only is there a wide culture to pull from, there is a strong sense of community as well. With access to Crossrail and Southall Station which gives you access to North and South London, Southall is an area to keep your eye on. Check out our latest developments page to see any new opportunities to rent in Southall. 

Nine Elms 

If you’re looking for a little glamour, a view of Chelsea, Westminster, The City and Canary Wharf then Nine Elms may just be the place you’re after. With its stunning position and access to the city of London in a moments walk or underground journey, this is a spot for those who want that wow factor in their lives. Famous for being in the Battersea power station regeneration area, this location is filled with chic riverside dining and bars, plus pop-up food markets. Check out our latest developments page to see any new opportunities to rent in Nine Elms.


South of the river is full of great locations and Clapham is highly recommended. Whilst some prices are over the top, the area has really seen the benefits of having a mixed culture of old and young, European and Asian investors over the years. It is a small gem in the South of the city and provides a great opportunity to enjoy inner city parks, dining and al fresco evenings whilst still being connected to the rest of the city with excellent bus and underground links. 

Royal Docks 

Much like Nine Elms, Royal Docks gives you all the closeness of the city centre (as its on the doorstep) as well as views over the Thames, O2 Arena, the Olympic Park, the skyline vista of Canary Wharf and the City of London. With close proximity to London City Airport as well as a restaurant culture serving up Michelin star food, Royal Docks is for the property renter that wants to enjoy the night and weekends as much as the working week has to offer. Check out our latest developments page to see any new opportunities to rent in Royal Docks.


With incredible access to the centre, a strong community vibe, great coffee and cakes down the highstreets and even, more incredible homes and flats to rent in the area, Streatham is becoming a place to watch. There is an incredible jazz scene here as well as it being known for recreational sports and a woodland common… all in the city centre. Definitely worth looking into if you want a bustling suburbia as your next rental location. 


Essex may not be considered London but with the close transport links, amazing schools and wide open countryside, then, you would be foolish to not consider this area when it comes to renting a property – especially if you have a young family or are thinking of starting one! With great motorway and airport facilities very close by, there is so much to choose from when it comes to picking Essex as a potential rental location. Check out our latest developments page to see any new opportunities to rent in Essex.


Ealing has become a very popular location for renters over the last few years, not only are there many types of property to choose from but it is well connected to the centre and benefits from being in a borough that enjoys diverse cultures which has helped shape the food and entertainment scene. A big common for weekends and summertime, The Broadway which has lots of independents and vendors makes Ealing a borough that is popular with renters in London. 

How can Strawberry Star help with renting in London? 

Strawberry Star has been in the London rental and property business for the last decade. With a range of experience, properties and developments to rent as well as a staff known for helping first time buyers and renters find the dream property they are looking for, Strawberry Star can help you in your property search. Check out our latest developments for more information on what is available or give us a call to see how we can further help.